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Scared and about to spiral


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May 19, 2019
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Recently I had a partial root canal. I waited too long from my tooth infection at the beginning of april and it got infected again. Got it and then got prescribed more antibiotics. Scared. Mostly because I was put under local anesthesia. First time I've ever done that before. Scared the hell out of me and still scared about possible complications that might happen even though it happened yesterday. All the possible ones. Heart still racing.
Also scared because I have athletes foot. It looks pretty gross honestly. I put on creams but it looks like getting worst before it gets better. I'm just yes, again, afraid of sepsis. Very afraid. I would show a picture but nobody needs to see that. Basically its just split and red and raw skin on the inside, of the piggie toe. I'm just afraid of.. something happening. Suddenly dying of something that's going on. Complications of something. Ugh. I just am so afraid. Like who the hell treats their body for multiple ailments at once.