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Resident Evil Village

Peter A

Dec 23, 2019
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Why is everybody so excited about a new RE game that doesn't even have zombies in it? :(

The entire purpose of the old games was to survive an outbreak of bioweapons, engineered by none other than the Umbrella Corporation. Since RE4 though, the franchise hasn't been about Umbrella all too much, since they went defunct.

Basically, it was explained that their stock market plummeted after people found out about the G-Virus wiping out Raccoon City. Yet for some reason, Capcom likes to bring up the name "Umbrella" at every available opportunity throughout the games that Capcom has since poured into the series.

So this new entry, which is supposed to be RE8 despite the VIII being hidden, concerns the main character from RE7 going to a place with these vampire type women, and there are also these fast things that sort of resemble werewolves. So I am gonna hazard a guess that they're not actually werewolves, but something similar that have been created due to being exposed to a mysterious new virus. But that man you play as named Ethan Winters is a boring character, because his face is never clearly shown.

I also feel as if the main character Chris Redfield is only in the games now, because Capcom needs fanboys to know that he was the guy who began the franchise. But the plot otherwise, just doesn't make any sense. These games feel more like disconnected adventure games now, with the odd reference or two. But that's about it. ;)

Are you excited about it? The Duke also looks really stupid. And by the way, merchants selling you things just because it's an action oriented experience, kind of serves no purpose in a survival horror game, as your resource management skills become pretty much obsolete, when you can just purchase new items when you find yourself struggling to get around...