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Really Want to Enjoy Disney Vacation - Heart Attack Fears


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Jul 29, 2019
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Family is excited about our upcoming trip to Disney. I am certain I am going to have a heart attack on one of the rides - I am not going on a lot of the rides , but I want to enjoy the trip.
I am afraid of even going on the flume . I can't shake the heart attack worry.
56 YO female, overweight, doctor has me on antidepressants.

The only thing I can think to do is take my xanax - can anyone give me their thoughts?


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Aug 7, 2018
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Hi Rathgar. Why don't you let the family know that you won't be going on the rides? Then you don't have to worry right now and if you feel better when there you can change your mind. Lots of folks don't go on the rides and it sounds like they aren't worth the worry for you. Disney has so much stuff to do and see that you'll still be able to enjoy the trip.


Jan 11, 2019
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The staff at Disney are SUPER NICE and helpful omg. That alone made me happier and eased a lot of my fears, just to be treated so well. I understand its their job and part of PR and making the company look good and all, but still.

You can go on 0 rides and still have an excellent time there. Just do what you want to do. =) I am naturally really introverted and outside stimuli doesn't do much for me but I liked just going where I want to and exploring what I wanted. My more extroverted family members were more easily impressed by every little thing and wanted to go on every ride and 'do it all' but everybody is different and I think Disney is meant to be enjoyed the way each individual person wants to enjoy it. Family is nice and all but don't be afraid to tell them 'no' when you need to. <3

I can give you tips to lose weight if you want, but ironically I was less anxious and happier when I was 50 pounds heavier. There is some truth to the saying 'fat and happy!' I lost the weight tho cuz of health issues and I admit, a bit of shallowness on my part.