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really need help!


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Aug 5, 2020
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hey guys i had a friend over 2 days ago which went well but for the start of it there were a lot of awkward silences which i find very uncomfortable. i watch a video yesterday on how to be myself around people and the guy said that catch your thoughts that are telling you to act the same way and let them stay there for a bit till they disappear and not to give into them. i rlly want to be able to be myself around my friends but i feel that if i am not talking then they might not want to be friends with my anymore.

i dont know what to do:(
is it okay if you have awkward silences from time to time? and how do you relax in those moments of awkward silences. i feel like i put pressure on myself to do what you are supposed to do rather than being myself because i see other people always talking to their friends with no awkward silences.

please help me,
looking forward to hear your replies
regards, rachael


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Apr 14, 2019
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If the silence is too long and too awkward the friend might not want to call around again. Just look for things that you like doing and use that as a base for something to talk about. There will be silence from time to time. But don't let it go on for very long periods. Talk about music / bands you both might like. Games you both might like. Even ask if there is anything interesting happening in her life. Anything at all to avoid those very long periods of silence.