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Rabies fear


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May 6, 2021
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So my anxiety is really acting up this morning and my thoughts are kinda spinning out of control about this particular incident from a while back..

Basically, I’m scared I’ve contracted rabies...
In the summer of 2019 I was doing a cleaning job when my colleague picked up a dead bat without wearing gloves. I was never in direct contact with the bat, but he touched my phone before washing his hands. My fear is that he would have had bat saliva on his hands that would have then been transferred to my phone. Being a very avid handwasher (yay OCD), I’m scared that the virus from any potential saliva would have gotten into a small break in the skin. I obviously sanitised the phone afterwards, but I’m seeing some contradicting articles about whether or not hand sanitizer kills rabies.

I also know that rabies doesn’t last for long outside the body/in dead animals - but I don’t know how long the bat had been dead at that point.

This incident suddenly popped into my head this morning and now I can’t let it go... I know this was almost two years ago, but I read that there have been cases of rabies developing years after exposure and even though the chances are small, my anxiety brain is going haywire... I obviously didn’t get a rabies shot back then either, so that is making the fear even worse

I realise that the chances of me getting rabies from this is VERY small and that I probably would have developed symptoms by now - but I would really like an opinion from someone else that myself


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Apr 14, 2019
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More chances of winning the lottery twice in the same week. Very rare that it would take 2 years and in that time you would notice nothing at all. But I respect that fact that you have this fear. That alone can cause anxiety and maybe even frighten you some. But you would have known by now. Your colleague had more chance of catching rabies. As he was the one who picked the Bat up. As in came back to your mind, it simply brings on these fears. Makes them into something much bigger. It is only your mind doing all this to you.


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Oct 10, 2019
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From someone who has rabies phobia, you are completely fine