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Question for moms with emetophobia

Sep 15, 2018
I want kids so bad. I would honestly be ready to have them right now if it wasn’t for my fear of V*. Will I ever be able to have kids? Will I ever get over this fear? I’ve seen some woman who had kids and suffered from emetophobia. So I do know it could be done. It just makes me so sad and scared that I won’t be able to have kids. Pregnancy causing V* on top of having kids that get sick a lot. My boyfriend understands my fears and anxiety. He is also ready to have kids and promised that when the kids do get sick he can take over. I can handle baby V* and all the early stages of having a kid. It’s just when they start getting older and actually eating regular foods. If that makes any sense? I’m just wondering if there are any moms on here that could give me advice

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