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Prayer for Anxiety and All Other Mental Health Issues


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Apr 15, 2020
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Hello everyone! I was like in a roller coaster last April and early May due to anxiety. I opted not to take antidepressants because I do not want to be dependent on medicines. The pandemic had made it difficult for me and I have shared in the other thread all the symptoms and effects I have experienced. There were times I thought I was having a heart attack due to chest pressure and shallow breathing. It made me think also that I might have covid because I usually feel tired every after the attack. Most of the time my back, shoulders, and neck hurt. I keep on praying so hard to feel better, to be able to overcome my fear and to have peace of mind. Prayer works for me and I wanted to share this prayer with all of you here. Some of you may know already the Patron Saint of Anxiety and Mental Health Problems. She is St. Dymphna and I am attaching here the prayer you can say daily. Please feel free to share with your family, relatives, friends, or anyone you know who is having mental health issues right now. Thank you and I'll continue to pray for our comfort and peace of mind during this pandemic.processed.jpeg


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Jan 6, 2019
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Thank you. I will try this. Hope we all recover from this pandemic. I will also keep you in my prayers Freemind. Hope it all helps.