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Pimple on my gum


Oct 7, 2020
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Back in august I had 3 teeth pulled. I was at the dentist 13 times from July-October. Above one of the extraction sites on top, there’s a pimple on the gum. It’s very hard and has a white dot in the middle. Almost feels like a piece of bone sticking out. It’s not red and there’s no tooth there, though there’s teeth on each side. It doesn’t hurt unless I touch it with my finger. I’ve had 2 CT scans done in May on my teeth and X-rays in October. Not sure how new or old this is. I noticed it maybe a month ago when I was running my tongue over my gums.
So, needless to say, my HA causes me to think that there is one and only one explanation to every problem and that’s cancer.
So now I’m convinced I have oral cancer and my dentist appt is in May and I’m wondering if I should push it up to get this check.
I’m also sure I had something similar a few months ago in a different extraction site that the dentist said was fine and it took quite a while to go away! But of course now my mind doubts if it’s the same thing.
Anyone have this? Push up the appt or is that my HA speaking?


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Aug 26, 2020
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Well I have something similar but on my inner lower lip. Just in front of my teeth. Though I really don't know if we are talking about the same thing.
Mine looks like a semi-transparent pimple, sometimes a white dot it middle but mine is not very hard. It usually goes a way in a few days, but this one takes it's time because of it's location. I constantly bite it when I am eating so it comes back :( it hurts also.

The last time I experienced a very hard small lump with a white, almost bone like sticking out, it was an about to pop out wisdom tooth.
If you feel like you had something before and it got better, trust me you had it before. Sometimes we think that it's the first time even though we had something similar before. Or we may have it for a very short time but it usually feels like we have the problem for ages.