Picking at skin/hair, popping zits, biting nails

Discussion in 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)' started by kroseh89, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Rosyrain

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    I am a nail biter and have been since I was a kid. I notice that I do it most often when I am nervous or worried about something. About the only time I do not bite or pick at my nails is when I have just freshly polished them. I can resist when my nails look pretty with a fresh coat of polish...hence I try to keep up on my nail care. I do not paint my nails as often during the winter because of lack of time and motivation to do so. Come spring time, I like to have a fresh new look.
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    It could be a lot of things you know but whether it is in excess of what a normal person would do is still relative. For instance, impatient people like me would not let a tiniest pimple survive even half an hour but that's because I feel it's going to cause more problems later. However, I wouldn't say I am obsessed over it because I am aware of my actions and I make a decision consciously to whether let it ripe a bit more or burst it there and then so that it won't leave a scar. I also a less worried about the scars as my skin is dry type and I rarely have any rash/eruptions issues. So I know I am safe when I burst a zit.

    If you are reasoning out as I do then it is not really an OCD.
  3. Make sure you wash hands with soap after pricking zits. Make sure you wash hands and feet where you peel dead skin off a scar that's near healing. After peeling, wash with warm water and apply unscented moisturizer or cream on the healed affected area. The skin tissue will grow back. With nails, get a really sharp nail cutter to cut them to desired length. Or let a manicurist to do cosmetics.

    My point is, with no pun intended, you are perfectly normal. Just do these persobal hygiene and sanitation in the privacy of your room or home. Because I do them, as well. I don't need a shrink or doctor to tell me I need drugs to stop doing them.

    Get busy with productive projects you love doing best. Hone in your skills and develop your craft with your creativity. Sell them. Make money out of them and seek success. This will get your mind off yourself, but towards those around you, as well, whom you can encourage and bless with your talents and incomparable skills.

    I wish you all good+
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    Used to be a nail biter when I was younger. Around the age of 14 i just told myself to stop because I wanted to be able to wear nail polish lol. However it was replaced by biting/picking the skin around my nails, to the point where they just look so dry, bloody and sore. Hard to stop
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    My nervousness hasn't affected me in that way. I don't bite my nails at all. My nails are mostly short these days though because it is safer when I rough and tumble with my dogs.
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    As a child, I suffered from Trichotillomania. The doctor said that it was due to high anxiety levels and ptsd. I eventually stopped pulling my hair out at the age of 20. I also popped my knuckles chronically and picked at my skin uncontrollably. Being unable to stop, my skin would be left red and scabbed.
    Had there been any medications or therapy for this as a young child, I would not have the thin, almost bald spot on the top of my head.
    It's a strange obsession. I would pull each hair out one by one, examine the shaft, then discard the hair. This would go on until I either fell asleep or was distracted.
    Picking at my skin and biting my nails was different. I would pick my skin until I was absolutely sure that there was nothing left in the pimple. Nails- I would bite them, run my finger over the tip. If there were any jagged pieces, I would start biting again to even it out....sometime down to the quick.
    Anyone suffering from this should seek treatment immediately. It doesn't only leave physical scars, but mental ones as well.

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