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Phobia of rabies relapse, but positive :)


Dec 27, 2019
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Hey guys!

long time rabies phobia sufferer guy is back! I literally thought I conquered the fear, but tonight it is back with a vengeance! I recently have been under a lot of stress with COVID worries, university pressure, friend issues, and lots of generalized pain and soreness, and now you throw in two round red marks near your collarbone and you get one he11 of an anxiety attack!

posting the photos but I know it’s probably nothing, it’s been there for a week and my shoulder has been extremely sore but then again I’m lifting and back in the gym after a six or seven month hiatus so it’s most likely just that!

Yes, I know my hypochondria is playing games with my head again. And yes I know the chances are in the millionths, but I live in a place filled with crickets and spiders now and those are primary meals for those furry lil flying dudes! I’m nervous because I stepped on a cricket earlier barefoot in my kitchen (ew!) and he was legless so my brain did the thing and y’all know the rest.

yes most days this is manageable. And yes, most days I feel okay. But any bump in progress’ road is hard and I’m ashamed to have even this little one. I just hope it doesn’t continue.



Aug 26, 2020
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Hi, first off sorry that your worry came back.
Second, if you talking about rabies when you mention crickets, bugs etc, then rest assured. Rabies only effects mammals and transmitted from mammals to mammals only. Bats are mammals, right? Ye. I'm no expert.