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Peeeace, Can I Get A Hellooooo?

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I absolutely adore this man - Ralph Smart. He has made many videos on self help and this one just came through into my inbox and I just had to share it with you all. After listening to him, you'll know just why he is so brilliant. (At least I think so anyway!)

Here is his video of '13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do.' Have a listen and tell me what you think?

This guy has wonderful insight into getting a clear head and getting out of depressive thoughts and safe place thinking. Thank you for sharing, this it is a great uplifting speech on having a healthy productive life.
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I agree with you @Sweed1 he has so many self help videos as well. I try and look through them as much as I can. I like this one below too, he has some really great tips. I like that he speaks about changing our focus as we focus on drama and negativity.