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Hi everyone! So this is something I have pushed to the back of my mind lately, but I feel it’s healthy to discuss. There was this one night a while ago when one of my parents were yelling at me (family issues I’d rather not go into) and I was screaming back, but I just stopped suddenly because I felt a sensation I had never felt before. I felt quite lightheaded and a little nauseous. I stood up to leave and my vision in my peripheral began to blur. I then felt a tingly sensation in my hands and feet, as well as a sensation that I can only describe as water trickling on my head and down my neck. I’ve never passed out before, but I felt I was about to. I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths. Once the sensation passed, I was exhausted and I had a headache. I then googled it and it came up as paresthesia. I consulted my aunt who is a doctor and she said that was what it was as well as maybe a slight panic attack. Could someone explain if this was a panic attack or maybe if you have ever experienced paresthesia?


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Could be both.
However...here's my concern for you.
It very well have been a panic attack but, the situation you were in tells me that it may have been a mini stroke.
I say this because you were yelling and angry at the time and you your blood pressure is was probably sky high.
All I can say is go to the doctor. ..tell them what happened and demand a brain scan.
Everyonegets this at sometime in there life but, it's usually when your foot is asleep from restricted blood circulation.
While you were angry...your blood pressure may have been sky high and it probably temporarily restricted blood flowork to your brain. And that feeling good of it water over your head... was your blood pressure dropping and your blood flowing back to normal. It's pressure being taken off your head. It' going to feel weird when it normalizes.