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Panicking still


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May 19, 2019
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Mostly from the poison scare yesterday. That was my worst panic day in a while, I don't know. I was just feeling some very scary heart palpitations. I felt weak this morning and stayed in the bed for hours and hours. I just feel this constant sense of doom! Not to mention some of the same symptoms of poisoning can also present as anxiety symptoms. I'm just so scared. I'm trying so hard to not be irrational like "oh what if its those poisons that take a day or two or three to kill you" and now that worry is really messing with me. I guess the next few days won't be the best for me. I feel so terrible. A part of me wants to go to the ER so badly before its "too late" but I don't wanna go because it could just be anxiety and I could be seen as crazy. I'm just so so scared. Not even to mention the fact that I feel out of breath and I've been coughing sometimes since.