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Pancreatic Cancer fear, stool


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Sep 13, 2019
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Hi guys,
I'm on a cancer fear loop. I have had new, neck and scapulas pain on left side, and my stool color fluctuates between a very light brown and yellowish color. I read about pancreatic cancer and I am scared. I am 44 male and battled health anxiety for a long long time. I have a fear I will not see my kids grow up :(
ANyone have similar cancer fear with stool. Sorry if TMI


Nov 5, 2019
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What you describe is not the color of stool that you associate with PC. Light. medium, dark brown are all normal and generally are affected by what you've eaten. Yellow color generally just means the waste has moved through your system quickly, which can be a bug or simply stress, or...for a reason that you'll never know and don't need to know.

I've of course feared PC. What self respecting HA sufferer hasn't? Last time I had pains (muscle as usual) and asked the doctor. He said come back and see me after you've dropped 25 pounds in a week.
Nov 21, 2019
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hi 4bready. i used to have the same PC fear as you. my stools are also light, yellowish brown. im also gassy and bloated.
i did all the test bloodwork, ultrasound, ct-scan. everything is normal.
the members here are correct. fast transit which could be triggered by anxiety, stress, ibs, acid reflux could cause light colored yellowish stools.
it would be concerning if you are jaundiced or losing too much weight like bobnnat said. but if not, there's nothing to worry about.