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Pain on left side everywhere


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Jun 23, 2019
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I’ve made loads of posts on here lately, just a different thing each week sadly. Now I’ve been getting weird pains on the left side of my body, I’ll make a list

  • Dull pain around left eyebrow, left top and back of my head, and my temple area
  • Sometimes get sharp pain in my left arm and fingers
  • My back gets some pain, mostly lying down
  • All down my left leg (thigh down to feet) has shooting pains, occasional burning and prickling in feet especially

This all seems to be worse when lying down except the head area. Went to the optometrist and forgot to mention it to them, initially I thought it was eye muscles as they have got weaker by 0.5 but it wouldn’t be just the left side. Maybe a pinched nerve?? All I can think of really, trying my best not to google symptoms

Anyone have suggestions what it might be?
Forgot to mention ear pain also, left side
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Oct 20, 2019
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The paint above the neck could be strained muscles in the shoulder or neck. The pain in your arms and fingers could be a pinched nerve, or a repetitive motion injury. The back pain and leg pain may be related, you could very well have some sciatic nerve inflammation.

None of it sounds terribly serious, and it's probably all unrelated. With health anxiety we tend to catastrophize and assume all symptoms we have must always be related. In reality we have a myriad of things happening in our body at any given time, the vast majority benign and the sensations they cause unrelated.