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Pain in neck very scared


Aug 2, 2018
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My health anxiety had seemed to be calming down a bit for a while, only to rear it’s ugly head when I least expected it, like always.
I’ve always been an obsessive “checker” always feeling around anywhere and everywhere for lumps or problems. But yesterday I noticed a sore spot in my neck near my thyroid that was sore to the touch. It hurts in that area a bit when I swallow too. Also when I lean my head back I feel the pain in that area. It feels almost like I got kicked right there or injured in some way (but I would remember if that was the case). Anyway I can’t stop thinking about having thyroid cancer. Usually there’s other logical explanations for aches and pains but there’s none for this. I am 26 and have twin babies to focus on but I can’t get my mind of this. Yesterday I didn’t freak out immediately but this morning when I woke up and noticed it was still sore to the touch, I went deep in the hole of all-consuming anxiety. Any insight?


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Aug 7, 2018
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Hi Amw. Do you remember having the soreness when swallowing before finding the sore spot on your neck? See if you can try not pressing on that spot for a day, if you can, and concentrate on taking care of those twins. Health anxiety is so dang tricky and causes so much mental anguish for things that 98% of the time aren't valid. I'm pretty sure you're going to be fine until some other symptom crops up. Hang in there.


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Feb 27, 2018
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It’s tough to do but if you can try not to touch it for a couple days I’m sure the pain will dissapear just as quickly as it appeared. I had a similar thing a few weeks back one of my ears just randomly started aching and was painful to touch. It bothered me and flaired up my anxiety for a few days but I finally was able to not touch it or think about for a couple days and the pain just vanished. Our minds are tricky and can play some weird games with us!