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No Appetite - Mild Nausea - Anyone Experience This?


Jul 29, 2019
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I have eaten very little over the last three days. When I start to eat, I feel a bit nauseous and leave the food on the plate.
Has anyone experienced this?
I don't seem to have any other symptoms (flu, cold etc. )
Could this be a sign of something bad (thinking the C word) going on?


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Apr 14, 2019
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This can happen with anxiety. We don't feel much like eating at times. If we try to the whole taste and feel of it in our mouth can make us feel sick. Which is the mind's way of telling you not to eat it. The mind picking up this from the anxiety. Maybe try some foods that are not heavy. Just to get something into your body. Drink plenty of water too. I know there were times in the past I could not eat much. Just the thought of doing so made me feel sick. It was just my anxiety. Nothing more.

In your other thread you mentioned about trying to change your diet and do some form of exercise. Maybe, now just maybe, this is on your mind after it was mentioned in the other thread. So now the food is starting to be the enemy. That can happen at times. Just throwing it out there.