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Mar 19, 2019
Hello I am new to the forum.

I have been dealing with Anxiety all my life. I believe it started when I was a teenager but never really gave it any attention. It petrifies me where i create more anxiety. To make a long story short. I usually breathe through it. My anxiety have showed back up again. I went to the doctor today to get my dizzy spells checked. I thought there was something seriously wrong. They would happen in my office for a couple of seconds and then go away. I have been diagnosed with vertigo. AFter my blood was taken My dr checked all vitals today, heart is good, liver, kidney,,,,etc all good. I do have high blood pressure everything is good good, overactive thyroid which is also good,,the only problem i have is my cholesterol is a little high. He gave me a prescription Lipitor. However, I still get anxious from the dizzy spells. Sometimes I feel wobbly like my equilibrium is off. But i dont know. The older I get the more anxious i get. I am someone who worries about everything, when my daughter who is 27 leaves to go somewhere,,i think the worse, same with my grown32 year old son. I dont go out much anymore,because people are crazy....To feel better,,, I am dieting so he gave me some tips for that. He definitely told me to stay away from the shakes. Change my diet, to fruits and plenty of vegatables,,,baked chicken ,,,However, I am still anxious about alot of stuff. I tend to lay away at night overthinking stuff. I dont know whats going on in my head..its just a foggy overthinking crap. Everyone thinks I got it together. But I really dont. So if you have any suggestions, or help. I welcome it. Thanks for letting me post this.
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