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new and scared


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May 27, 2018
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my name is Alex i joined a while back but didn't post an intro, i came back today because my anxiety is through the roof right now with what is going on with covid and the violence in the USA around trump, it has gotten so bad that i was physically sick and so anxiety i couldn't rest when i tried to the night before i was having issues to do with my gender identity issues because i am Transmasiline / non-binary and my fear of me being attacked if I express myself in the way I want to , the guy on the top floor of our block of flats who has smashed windows more than twice now and had his flat raided for drugs am very scared of and can see him having problems with it, and then my dream on top of that of being attacked by dogs over and over I Also have PTSD and OCD but its never been as bad as it is now


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Apr 14, 2019
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Welcome to the forum. There is a lot going on in the world right now. Thank God I live in Ireland. Don't have to put up with all the Trump rubbish. Week or so and he will be out of the white house. His supporters might not like it much. But they will finally have to accept it. Seems some people use anything they can to riot. If it is not Trump, they would find something else.

I won't even pretend to under all these new gender types. Each to their own. If it is not effecting somebody and their own lifestyle, I don't see why they should have a problem with it. People should be simply left alone to be who they want to be. I know you will always have haters out there. Not sure if a Transmasiline dresses like a male or a female. But you would kind of imagine people would be used to it by now.

Dogs? You ever bitten before? They can be avoided. Have known some people with fears of them. Smallest dog would senf them running. this is one fear you could try and get over. visit a dog pound. Explain your fear. Ask to see a new pup. Harmless little creature. I love dogs. But there are some I would not go near. Those cross breeds. Part Pitbull part Lord knows what else.

Make yourself at home on the forum.