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Sep 5, 2020
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Has anyone tried neurofeedback? It sounds like it would be helpful in all the articles I read as far as training your brain to calm down, but not sure if it is just another gimmick that really doesn't do much.


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Apr 14, 2019
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Think you know my views on these things. I would ask a lot of questions first. About how it could help your situation. See what feedback they give you in advance. From there make your own mind up on if you think it will help you or not. It is just reading brainwaves. My own problem with this is that you will at your worst at other times. When you are at home. When you are doing certain things. If you could get a read out at those times and see what your brain is doing, that might be useful. But to have a read out when you might be relaxed in their office is not actually telling the full story of your whole condition. You would need something hooked up to 24/7 as you went about a normal day to get a clearer picture.