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Neurofeedback For My PTSD


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My psychologist recently suggested that I get some neurofeedback done so that I can retrain my brain after some trauma I experienced two years ago. Has anyone else ever heard of this type of treatment? I have looked it up on youtube and saw that you watch a video while hooked up to an EEG. It is so sci-fi and I wanted to know if anyone else has had any success with this type of treatment because I will be paying out of pocket.


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I haven't heard of this type of treatment for PTSD but I would read about it online and see if it has good results. I think neurofeedback or biofeedback can be really helpful, but it is something that you need to decide that you want to do. It is just one of the things that you can look into when you want to find alternative treatments for your PTSD. I think this sort of treatment really does have the support of some professionals, but I think reading about it to make sure it is for you is the thing to do.
I've used a low tech type of biofeedback to help me cope with and manage my chronic pain and anxiety. Neurofeedback is focused on brainwaves, and involves equipment. Here's aNeurofeedback versus Biofeedback that tells about each, and also gives some information to help distinguish the two. I'm sure your psychologist will have a recommendation of who you should see for the neurofeedback, and that person will be qualified and certified/licensed. If you're concerned about cost, you could ask your psychologist if s/he knows of a place or practitioner that works on a sliding scale, or perhaps you could find a study where you could participate in exchange for treatment. 
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Thanks so much for the info you guys! I have seen a technician two weeks ago and I can say that it has already helped me in one session. My first session was just to figure out what frequency my brain likes to function at, but it was amazing that I was able to sleep better that night and for the past week. I also am starting to control my urges to make myself go into a full blown panic attack. I am going to have more neurofeedback done this weekend and I will update you all on my progress.


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I'm glad that this has helped you!  I've heard good things about neurofeedback and biofeedback.  Like I said in another post, a big part of PTSD is the instinctual reactions that it causes, and retaining one's brain not to respond is difficult.  It seems like your first session was about understanding yourself and your responses, and that's a big part of it.  I think a lot of problems come from when people's minds or bodies are trying to send them a signal, and they ignore it, which makes things worse.  Please keep us updated and let us know how things go.  Just out of personal curiosity, are you doing any other therapy or taking medication as well?
It's always great to hear that a treatment is working, and a person is receiving some relief and benefit from it! That's great to hear. It sounds like a very promising start, and I hope you continue along this path. I've never had neurofeedback, but it certainly sounds like something I'd consider in the future. I like the part about finding out what frequency the brain functions at. I know some people don't believe in these types of treatments, but I know that biofeedback works, so I have faith in neurofeedback, as well. 
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Thanks for the positive support and feedback! I am going to be doing some alpha theta testing this weekend and I am super excited about it. I am paying around $55 a session because I am getting a discounted rate. I love it and wish it was free for everyone. I told my family about it this weekend and they were so excited for me and told me that they could tell that I was much more calmer and confident.
Checking back to see how the weekend session went, and whether you're experiencing some relief @stephonline, since it's been a few weeks. I have a friend who has good insurance, and were were talking recently about our issues and how we're doing. It didn't occur to me at the time to mention this as an option to her, but after I see how it works for you, maybe I'll do that. 
It's always great to hear of a success story. I'm so pleased that you have managed to find healing. I had never heard of this treatment until I read it here. It sounds like it would really be an asset to help so many people. If only it were freely available.