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Nervous about sonogram and issues.


Feb 24, 2021
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So I was dealing with tons of gi issues which have slowly progressed starting around September to now needing to see a doctor. I had a ct of my abdomen and stomach Monday and everything intestinal wise looked good but had fluid on my left ovary and a 2 inch cyst on my right. Now I’m going in for a sonogram. Along with it I’ve lost weight have no appetite. No energy feel weak and my gi issues (tmi sorry). Loose and thin flat stools nausea and lack of appetite have still being present. So now I have to go back to the gi doctor too. Can anxiety cause some of those issues??!! I’m just so worried I want to feel like me again. This anxiety started in 2018 and seems to have gotten worse. Sorry just feel lost and helpless. I lean on my faith but I’m still scared.


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Sep 23, 2019
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Anxiety can cause *all* of the symptoms you've described. When I go through a period of intense anxiety I often have no appetite, which is highly unusual because I can typically eat and eat and eat. Loss of appetite can cause weight loss, GI disturbances, etc. And of course anxiety/stress can cause nausea as well. Do your part by keeping your appointment(s), but IMO I think all will be fine.