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Nervous about a new relationship


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Feb 23, 2019
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So a while back I posted about how I matched with a girl on tinder that seemed really cool and I kinda liked her. Well we’ve been talking for a while now and things have been going super well. She hasn’t lost interest or stopped messaging me or anything. She seems to genuinely like me and thinks I’m funny and interesting and cute. We finally talked on the phone for the first time after like a week of us both delaying because we were busy or nervous and I think she’s really fun to be around and genuinely interesting. I’m not saying we’re boyfriend and girlfriend yet or that we love each other or anything, but it’s looking like this might be the beginning of something special.

The thing is this is totally uncharted territory for me, my past relationships all just sort of fell into my lap. I’m not used to just casually dating someone with no expectations or titles. It’s refreshing but scary at the same time. I don’t know what to say or how this works. I’m worried I’ll either try to make things official too soon and scare her off or too late and make her feel like she’s being led on or that I’m not interested anymore. I’m not ready to call her my girlfriend yet, I haven’t even met her in person yet and I haven’t talked enough with her to know that it’s what I want, but I have a feeling that sometime soon we may have to make this sorta unspoken thing official and that’s kinda scary. I mean I miss being in a relationship and all but I genuinely enjoy being single. It’s nice having the freedom to hang out with the boys without calling or texting a girlfriend. It’s nice not having to worry about anyone else but myself. I’ve learned to genuinely love myself for the first time in my life and even though that’s a sign I’m ready to be in a relationship, I fear that a relationship might undo this progress.

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