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Need to clear your mind and relax?


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Sometimes it's good to just take a break from life, go somewhere quiet, clear your mind and chill out and relax. The power of doing so is incredibly under-rated and just taking as little as ten minutes out each week on a regular basis can eventually make a significant different. There are many ways of doing this including breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation techniques, mental techniques, creative visualization, meditation and more.

Self affirmations work in a similar way to self hypnosis and can also be beneficial whether direct or indirect. Relaxing or brainwaved music with subliminal affirmations contained in it can also be very effective. However, repeated regular use is required for a period of time before results become noticeable. On that subject, there is one piece of music which never fails to relax me and chill me out more than all the others and it sends me off to sleep before it's finished nearly ever single time. That piece of music is Marooned by Pink Floyd.




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When I need to relax and be by myself, I ride the car alone and roam around. Sometimes I would park by the side of village park and listen to the radio while looking at the people doing their thing in the park - some are jogging, some are exercising, there are kids playing, etc. Another good diversion for me is candy crush, that app which relaxes my mind that's why I always have my cellphone with me so in case I need to relax, I play for about 10 minutes and that's all it takes for my mind to settle down, no more tension. Friends are advising me against driving the car when I have a problem because being confused is not a good condition in front of the steering wheel. But I know I have the capability to drive even when I have a problem so I just drive when I fee like driving. Sometimes I bring along one of my dogs in the car and that would add to my peace of mind. A good relaxation is a good drive for me.
I lay down and clear my head and turn on music sometimes. Other times it may be better for me to take a nice walk. And other times driving around works good too. I guess for me it depends on my mood and such and what I feel like doing to relax.


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I've written some hypnosis scripts for a client in the past and can remember literally feeling myself breath deeply, relax, and just let go while I wrote and proofed the work. It is just feels so good to feel your mind letting go and becoming free, even for a few moments. It is important to take short breaks and do a little mental rejuvenation several times per day It really does help.


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I go walking when I need to clear my head. The best time is when I remember to charge my iPod shuffle and can listen to my favorite playlist on full blast. I find that staying still makes it harder not to think of positive things. I will never be able to go to yoga and clear my mind. The other thing I like is to garden. Just watching the things slow grow by struggling to push it's way out of the dirt and then through the leaves of other plants to make fruit and vegetables or flowers just makes me feel better. Even playing in the dirt and watching it get darker each year with good care makes me feel like I'm doing something positive.
For me, just grabbing a book and reading allows to relax a whole lot.  It lets me take my mind off whatever it is that may be stressing me out.  I'm not one of those individuals that avoids reality altogether but I just let my mind wonder away from stress just by reading.  Even if all I get to read is just a chapter or two just before I go off to bed. 
I love taking walks to relax. Just breathing in fresh air and feeling the sun on me, makes me relax and instantly elevates my mood. Even when it's cold or cloudy I still find this the best way to unwind. I enjoy listening to music also, it's soothing.
I really don't like walking through the front door to the outside world. Yet I still do on some mornings with my two dogs. Once I am out there walking among green grass and trees, or perhaps along the beach with them, I do admit that it makes me feel better. Before I go to sleep I either read or watch a DVD and I think it relaxes me as I drop off to sleep pretty quickly.