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Natural vs chemical!


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Mar 6, 2019
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My journey with anxiety has been long. In 1998 I began having waves of fear flood my body. Uncontrollable waves to the point of shaking, rapid breathing and death. I felt helpless and scared of what was happening to me. It became such a problem I decided to seek help. In 1999 I was put on paxil a SSRI. No one said this med was addictive or how long I should take it. So. I asked the Dr if I could come off? 20 years now. They said sure. Titrate off! Ok. Well that didn't go well. I couldn't figure out if I was having anxiety attacks or addiction withdrawals from the medication! Long story short I ran across a all natural herb that is now allowing me relief to begin coming off this medication! Yes it's ok for awhile to take! But never ever more then 5 years! Your body stops producing sertonin . Plz. Research the struggle is real!