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My mom annoys me about going home alone at night (in the country) and is the reason for my anxiety

Nov 17, 2022
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My mom would always annoy the crap out of me about me going home alone at night. We live in the countryside, and mom will always exaggerate over how bears will break into my house and kill me. I try to convince her that I’m tough, I’ll be ok, and there are no bears from where we live. But she will keep on saying “oh yes there are. Do you not remember when cousin Sue saw bears in her street all the time?”. I said that we don’t live INSIDE the forest. She laughed and replied grouching “look around you! Does THIS look like we don’t live in the forest to you?! Huh?! Other than the front road, does it?!”. I told her that is a rarity and bears cannot open house doors. She replied “oh yes they can, you see them open car doors, don’t you?”. I cannot convince her of anything that is against her traditions.

Her jibberjabbering drives me crazy and I get so pissed I have to tell her “you always have to bring up your so-called knowledge against me, don’t you?”. She replied “but I was only concerned”. Oh sure she is. The only reason she’s concerned is because of what I have between my legs. Every time I express my stress and anger, she would go “oh god, what are you whining about now?”. Funny how she whines about how much pain she’s in, and yet she couldn’t give less than two shits about how I’m feeling!

Then she and dad whine about how I haven’t locked my door and how strangers will break into my house, and blah blah blah. The truth was, there were hardly anyone coming to our house other than someone we know. But she had to bring up the time when grandma accidentally left the door open and a stranger broke in to her house, which happened many years ago. I held up my phone to text to where I’m texting now, and mom made fun of me, assuming I was texting dad. I politely told her it is none of her business. She kept on intimidating me with the same crap and bragging “I’m telling the truth, aren’t I?”. I screamed at her no and shut up. She just laughed like a hyena. She loves to upset me but when she sees me crying, she will change her tune to a grumpy one and reply “you’re so sensitive, you can’t even take a joke!”.

Thanksgiving sucked ass and this is the main reason why my holidays usually suck. Her bullcrap concerns against my will is the main reason I’ve developed social anxiety and distrust toward strangers. She thinks she’s putting common sense into my “thick headed skull” as she calls it, but the only thing she’s putting onto me is fear and submission.

edit: for some of you wondering, I am an adult, and I only go out alone to go home after visiting my parents. I don’t go out to parties and I don’t drink or smoke. And I am a virgin.

edit 2: I finally made it home after I posted. I was a little scared, but I thankfully managed. Nothing bad happened to me, and I’m happy I’m back home unharmed. I knew my mom was exaggerating, and I couldn’t help but telling her to shove it through the phone. Her reaction made my day, I bet she’d be speechless for the rest of the night after all the hell she’d put me through. But knowing her she wouldn’t change any time sooner. At least I get the last laugh, for now.

edit 3: I know it’s rude to tell someone to shove it, however I feel it’s justified since I was often manipulated all my life, and my parents aren’t saints despite them ironically calling themselves “children of god”.
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