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My health anxiety orgin


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Jan 27, 2020
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Hello friends.
I hope I can shed some light on why past anxiety turned into health anxiety and if anyone has went through this because of reading things you shouldn't?

All was well and I had some small,small anxiety nothing to think more than twice about.
Well in October I seemed to be reading more about unsolved murders and unknown serial killers.
At some point in that time frame I started to have health anxiety really really bad.
It started with my urge to urinate.
I did what I shouldn't, I self diagnosed and have mercy! I went into a full downward cycle of anxiety.
It crippled me and I developed a anxiety that I never had ever Health anxiety.
This is crazy because in the past I've had
A few scary things happen that I should worry about but I never thought twice about them.
I was robbed at gunpoint delivering pizzas
A Knife pulled on me while walking home.
I was never worried once.
But this issue turned into something fed by my mind and fear can do powerful things to your mind and will.
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Jan 17, 2020
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I have had bouts with HA throughout my life, but they always center around big changes/times where things are in a state of flux. Before I went away to college (which had been my dream my whole life) I felt some enlarged lymph nodes and boom....two months straight of panic despite normal blood tests and doctors saying I was fine. Went away for a few years then boom....right before I started my first full time job out of college...more enlarged lymph nodes....obviously I'm still here so it was fine, but for a few weeks it was absolute hell. Flash forward to now, I am back in grad school full time and do not know what the future holds career wise. For the last three months I have gone from symptom to symptom. At first it was a bump then the doctor said it was nothing to worry about, so now I have moved on to worrying about numbness in a certain toe. I can still move the toe and do everything thing that I normally do (I am very active), but everytime there is a tremor (which from reading this board, I feel like are normal) I start freaking out. I know that most serious nerve conditions would do far more to incapacitate me, but I just feel terrible. Part of me thinks that this has even been like this for a while, but I just now noticed it. My HA has never moved from symptom to symptom like this and its an awful feeling and I know from my past that the state of flux I am in currently is what is contributing to it, but just knowing that doesn't make me disregard each symptom. I made two appointments this time. One with my primary care and one with a counselor. Hopefully they are both helpful.


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Nov 5, 2019
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As I’m reading kme’s post I’m wondering if the knowledge of the triggers is helpful. I know my triggers and even most likely the origin of my HA; but as kme goes on to say, nonetheless he (?) still suffers when the symptoms appear. Same here. I once saw a psychiatrist and asked whether psychoanalysis to determine why this affects me would be helpful. He said, OK so you get to the point where you know why it happens. Then what? So true unfortunately.