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My coronavirus solipsism worry


Jul 3, 2018
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I have read many posts about it being a hoax and so on. I keep an open mind but want to talk about my personal experience I have suffered anxiety ocd and some solipsism. For some time I have questioned if people existed. Or if the world evolved around only me.

Anyway just before Coronavirus hit I had been moaning about my inability to fly to New York. I had a train trip booked to Europe which I had to cancel but I kept going on about how it wasn’t good enough to only go to Europe and how I felt I needed a world tour but I have a fear of flying. Also I had a night out planned with live music. I had social media anxiety so I worried I couldn’t put it on social media again I moaned for some months. This was also cancelled.

Now things have gone on a while the pub despite others opening has reminded shut. Live music remains banned. Travel is sort of off limits even to Europe with Spain in quarantine from UK.

We have seen many viruses like SARS but none have shut the word down. I have still continued to moan about not getting to NYC and lack of night out. The whole lockdown has gone on longer than planned in scotland things have moved slower.

Anyway my point is early on in the lockdown I wondered if this was all a ploy to make me some how appetite life? A custom path for me to follow? I was suffering bad solispism at that point but it did wear off. Some movies go with the theme everything is preplanned ect no free will. But what if I was the only one who existed and this is just a way to basically annoy me or something?