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My anxiety tips that help me

Sep 15, 2018
I know we’re all different but I wanna share some way I cope and calm my anxiety. I have it everyday really bad because I also have emetephobia,IBS,GERD,Panic Disorder and depression.

I chew gum constantly it keeps me distracted and helps my acid so I don’t feel so sick all the time.

I carry a cup of ice everywhere I go because if I start to panic I’ll hold a piece on my wrist for a little and it will snap me back to reality.

I take hot baths everytime I’m having bad panic attacks at home. It relaxes me and helps my stomach cramps I get from IBS,GERD or anxiety.

I also can’t burp so I feel sick constantly, laying on my back helps that sick feeling go away. That’s if you have dysfunction of the belch reflex, like I do.

I use a heating pad when I’m having an attack. It’s a plug in one with a 2 hour timer. It don’t get too hot it’s just Perfect. I hold it on my belly and sometimes chest to calm me down.

I carry lavender oil with me and smell it because it’s supposed to calm you down. I also put it in my bath plus it’s great to go to sleep too.

I take Dramamine once in awhile if I’m dizzy from anxiety or if I feel really nauseous. It’s okay to take it whenever plus it’s obviously good for car rides too.

I live by pepto Bismol. I take pepto when my stomach is really upset, nervous diarrhea, I take it before I leave the house sometimes so I don’t get diarrhea,acid or generally feel sick. I take it when I’m gassy and bloated from anxiety.

I also use pressure points like CRAZY. They help with sooo many things. Just look up pressure points for anxiety,indigestion,nausea,bloating or stomach cramps. They also have them for headaches

A tip for headaches. I get headaches quite a bit I assume stress. Find the dent below your skull at the top of your neck and hold an ice cube there. It’s a Chinese healing technique for headaches,nausea and dizziness. It really helps.

With my emetophobia I ask my boyfriend or friend to feel my head whenever I feel sick. Because if you were sick it would be hot so it calms me down as well

Another tip for emetophobia is I saw this article and it said “ if you were offered a million dollars to guess the right answer what would be your answer? Is it a stomach bug or is it just the worry bug and anxiety” puts it into perspective about how there’s 99% chance that it’s just anxiety. People don’t get sick or V that often.

I hope some of this helps someone out there.

I also have a bad habit of pinching myself. It helps my anxiety and I know it’s bad. If anyone has tips on how to stop that let me know

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Jul 3, 2016
I carry lavender oil with me and smell it because it’s supposed to calm you down. I also put it in my bath plus it’s great to go to sleep too.
I will give this a try. I’m quite an smell snob, which means that my perfumes are expensive :rolleyes:. But lavender oil is what I certainly like, so thank you for the tip. :)
Aug 9, 2018
Those are great, the ones involving heat are probably better for a guy than the ones involving scents. I'm looking forward to the heating pad idea.

If the pinching is to get a quick sting try putting a rubber band on your wrist and snap when needed.
It's pretty jarring and less damaging to your capillaries.
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