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Mum keeps scolding me


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Jun 25, 2020
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She scolds even for little things. I understand she's going through menopause phase but that doesn't mean she will get angry at her children. And how on earth is it my fault if she has mood swings? It is very rare that i have speak back and stand up for myself. Most of the times she keeps on scoffing, scolding. I don't take her words seriously because she doesn't mean it but still i get upset at the anger and scolds. And then suddenly she changes. She speaks softly and politely and treats me as her favourite kid. But how do i cope with the scolds and anger??

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Apr 14, 2019
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There are times when it can seem we can do nothing right by our parents. But we have to look at the full picture. Ask ourselves are they going through anything bad at the moment? Thus it is not that we have done anything wrong. More we are the ones there for them to get angry with over other issues they have going on in their lives. I am sure you mother loves you a lot. Just taking her stress out on you. Can you talk to her? Ask her what exactly she thinks you have done wrong? That she has to keep having a go at you. My dad used to be like that with me. I swear most of the time I never heard a word he said,. I would zone out. Later in the day he would be all good. It wasn't that I had been doing anything wrong. He was just pissed off and I was the only one there. Simple as that. So to know that much is a start. You have not done anything wrong. She still loves you. Just in a bad mood. With nobody in praticular. You just happen to be in the firing line.