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MS scare


Jan 2, 2020
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My vision seems like visual snow and sensitive to light. If you don’t know what visual snow is, look it up and there are pictures that will show you. I heard visual problems could be the first symptom of MS. These started after my anxiety started along with my ears ringing. But they seem to be persistent. I got a CT scan of my brain and blood work done and it showed nothing. But can they see ms in a CT scan or blood work? Anyone experience things like this?


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Apr 14, 2019
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I am sure they would at least know the early signs of MS. And if a person was displaying this, it would be obvious to them. A lot like other illnesses. There are early signs that are obvious to spot. Might mean going to someone else. Having a few tests done that are different. I am guessing you will get the clear. I am no medical expert though. So if you really want peace of mind, visit your doctor and explain your worries. Thing is anxiety has so many symptoms. Visual snow and other visual things are part of what we get at times.