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Mind playing tricks on me - hypochondria lies


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Nov 20, 2019
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Got a bunch of ultrasounds today. I try not to look at the screen, because no matter what I see or don't see I'm gonna be like "...well that looks deadly". But while getting off and on the table (god bless the tech who let me go pee between scans since I no longer needed the full bladder) I saw something on the screen that looked like it said "left adnexal mass."

Here's the thing though. I had an internal ultrasound two days ago. Granted, this equipment is much more state of the art than what my GYN uses, but he specifically told me he "didn't see anything scary" - probably because of the face I was making when he said one of my ovaries was bigger than normal. I was wearing a mask, but he could probably tell; he's been my doctor for over a decade. And I feel like something worthy of being called a "mass" wouldn't have been something he'd have missed.

There's a possibility I read it right, and of course that's got me worried, BUT - I feel like the odds are greater that I was so anxious, I saw something that wasn't there. And given how anxiety likes to mess with one's head, I'm hoping that's true.

Supposedly I'll get the results in about a week so I guess I'll know for sure then. The waiting is the suckiest part sometimes!