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Discussion in 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)' started by fuzyon, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. fuzyon

    fuzyon Member

    I've became irrationally fearful to enter buildings that have wrong color schemes, I don't know if anyone around here suffers from something like this but whenever colors don't match in a design I tend to be quite furious (I'm a designer so I guess it comes from that). It also tends to be dependant on how bright or dark the colors are.
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  3. MellowCat

    MellowCat Junior Member

    I can understand that on a certain level. Once, in a book store, I overheard someone saying something really offensive about my race of people, saying they don't' read much. This is a flat-out lie, and not even a known stereotype, so I was furious. I wanted to run over to the man, grab him and shake him. The person that I was with had to calm me down and get me to leave the store! :eek: Now, I wouldn't say that that stops me from going in book stores now.

    However, I also once had an irrational fear of blue cars. I dreamed once, as a kid, that I was hit by a blue car, and for a long time after that I would give blue cars a wide berth when walking through a parking lot or down a sidewalk.
  4. I think that this only happens to me when it comes to clothes that I am wearing and sometimes, clothes that other people are wearing. If my outfit doesn't really match I am uncomfortable, almost all the day until I get off of it.

    But I can understand you somehow, I feel way more calmed, then things are ordered in colors or colors who match, once time I ordered all my dad's library books on colors, and it looked so good, but I really don't have the time to do it anymore.
  5. rz3300

    rz3300 Senior Member

    I never really thought that I was someone who cared about little things like this until it was actually brought to my attention, and then I started to notice that I was doing these things almost on a subconscious level. I guess after you get dressed day after day for years and years you just start to figure out certain patterns and matching clothes. I still think that I am better than a lot of others, in terms of making a big deal out of matching, but not as much as I once thought. Thanks for sharing.
  6. hades_leae

    hades_leae Junior Member

    Wow, I never heard of a condition like that, but I do like it. When I go out and I see things that are out of order, I feel bad for the people running the place. Not bad for them, but bad for the place because it could look much better. It's the small things that tick me off, but I don't show it because it's a personal condition that is of no relevance to any ones life.

    I think it's OK that you feel that way, it shows your personality.
  7. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    While colours have never really bothered me to be honest, if a person as a fear (if you want to call it that) of entering a building that's got the wrong colour scheme, then maybe that is just due to them not feeling comfortable in those surroundings, just like if a person doesn't want to go into a crowded place. For a lot of us we have fears and worries that to everyone else might seem irrational but for us, when we're the ones that are having to deal with them on a daily basis they are important and need to be dealt with the best way that we can.
  8. kgord

    kgord Junior Member

    I guess it is just a form of OCD or a type of phobia. Most people would wonder why entering a place with a different color scheme would make a difference but to the person who has irrational fears it certainly could. I think it is just one of the forms and the ways that OCD or mind tricks will play on us. Many people don't like crowds, and going into a building with the wrong color scheme could just be a variation of this enigma I guess.
  9. Joel7050

    Joel7050 Junior Member

    I get irritated by unmatched colours, for example everything has to be equal. If the centre colour is red, both sides have to be either another colour or all red. it cant be juts one odd one out colour at the side. For example R R B is not okay to me but R R R, B B B or B R B / R B R is okay.
  10. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Junior Member

    Those affect you because you have certain rules in your head (doesn't mean you are right) that in mix with OCD do exactly what you explained. I like to match some colours too but it never was a fear like this. I get irritated to see buildings that are not coloured properly and by properly I mean in rules set by civil engineers and went to a High School for Civil Engineering so when I see a purple house with bright green stripes and brown fence I basically get frustrated but I realize that people like it so I guess it is okay. They wouldn't paint it if they didn't like it. I am more of a symmetry guy but not in a classic sense. I like logic stuff. When I see four corners I would like to see a pattern of some kind. Every corner has three dots or first have one, second two, etc. Or even several walls with similar pattern but on every wall there is a mistake made on purpose. I like that. I hate the randomness like I hate bullshit tattoos.
  11. VanM

    VanM Junior Member

    Color only affects me when I'm the one wearing something mismatched. One time at work, I noticed that I was wearing blue sock on the right foot and brown sock on the left foot. Let me tell you, I was totally horrified when I found out. My friends were cool about it, but I felt so anxious that I went home (a 3 hour travel back and forth) to change and got back. The really strange thing about all of this is that I'm color blind, and I'm supposed to be the last person who should be affected by color.
  12. TayH

    TayH Junior Member

    It's very interesting that you feel uncomfortable with building colour themes. I don't take much notice of the colour scheme of a business or building or as others have mentioned clothing, at least not consciously. However, I do peg clothing out using the same colour peg for each article of clothing. So if I use a yellow peg on one side of a tshirt then I must use a yellow peg on the other side also. Does anyone else have an obsession with doing that?
  13. gracer

    gracer Member

    It's indeed very interesting to learn about this condition. I have never experienced being furious about unmatched color schemes and the like though. I guess it's because I'm not really the kind of person who pays much attention to details. It's actually my husband who notices even the smallest details in things, and I would sometimes get amazed at how he was able to notice this and that.
  14. William Smith

    William Smith New Member

    I have a strong imperative to match pegs to clothing but it is not a DSM V disorder according to my therapist. He called it "cute" but harmless, but not fulfilling the criteria for OCD. However, if I (or someone else in the household) deliberately mismatches the pegs, I feel distinctly uncomfortable, and almost a kind of physical pain. It might be fun to mock the colour synchrony and perhaps say "get over it", but there are plenty of peg colours and nobody inspects my washing. So no harm done. I feel quite peaceful and satisfied when I have pegged out the whole load in their matched colours.

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