M y mother drives me nuts

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    First she expects me to be sitting by the phone all day long she doesnt like it when I dont answer it well to bad.THen half of the time she cant hear me then put your stupid hearing aid in already,THen ever single day i wish God would take me well finally I told her off she kept saying she couldnt hear me,she could hear me she hears what she wants to hear.Anyway she says i guess I will hang up now,that is the way it is with my mom everything is all about her nobody else.I know she was just trying to lay a guilt trip on me but guess what it didnt work,I am so sick and tired of her uncalled for remarks,she can dish it out but cannot take it she starts to cry.To bad she has made me feel miserable many times.My entire family is sick of hearing i wish god would take me.I think he isnt ready for her big mouth she treats me like I am 2 years old.Ya like tells me what to wear and make sure that I wash,ugh.I dont even know how i could care about this woman she has verbally abused me all of my life and some stuff was physical to but she just denies that she even did that.I know better because my late cousin saw it.Who chases someone around a table with a broom then laughs at you because you hurt your private parts?Well that is my mom.Wanna make a bet she is sitting there crying right now.She says she never has any visitors she has got to be kiddng my kids and grandkid s get to see her every single weekend something I dont even get.Dont talk to me about being lonely when she is not,you know part of my anxieties come from her because in a way I am actually afraid of my own mother,I get sick of her put downs.How I can even love and care about this woman makes no sense to me she has another thing to if you dont go and do what she wants she gets nasty and says go and do what the hell you want.What kind of mother speaks to her child like that.Sometimes I even wonder if she is my mother.

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