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Looking To Help


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Jan 24, 2019
Hey guys. I suffered with severe anxiety for 15 years, from childhood into adulthood, being tossed around in circles through the medical system.

I got fed up one day and decided that there had to be a way to heal it. I was so sick of feeling anxious for no reason every day. I could barely buy a drink from the grocery store without having a panic attack.

Skip a few years, and with some good fortune, I was able to heal the anxiety. I don't suffer from it at all anymore and I know how to release it during those occasional moments when it does show up.

So I'm here to help and answer questions I see related to it. I'll just say a few things.

Pills will never heal anxiety.

Meditation is absolutely essential.

Cry more often.

Start loving yourself.

Nice to meet you and I hope I can help!

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