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Little Things Can Make A Difference

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Obviously huge things such as winning the lottery, getting married, having a baby, finding a career you enjoy, etc., can make a big difference in our lives, but small things can also have an impact. I posted before about how I set up a tea station upstairs in the office. It has made a positive change, and I use it all of the time. Now that it's Fall, I decided to swap out the art work behind the tea station from a light summery one, to Garden Study by John Singer Sargent. It still has flowers, but is slightly darker, and the frame is also darker. I have a few Fall decorations I plan on putting out downstairs, as well, to celebrate Fall, which is my favorite season. 

What are some little things that make a difference in your life?

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I had to pause to think of the answer to that question because the things than can actually make a big difference to me are the "large things", you know? But I think that having peace of mind and being able to do what you want to do with no constraints are one of life's blessings .
Little things? Sure, plenty of them. The first would be able to wake up. That's not really odd. I have gone through a time in my life, not too long ago, when getting up in the morning is an agony. My legs would be cramped and my eyes would be stuck shut. So, now, just to be able to wake up and get out of bed is a wonderful thing. To be able to enjoy my food is another little thing which makes my day. Sometimes, I even delay taking my meals to make them taste better. A bit of hunger makes even the most mundane food seem delicious.
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I just sat out in the fresh air talking to a friend for a bit, and watching the hummingbirds at their feeder. I had a cup of tea with me, and it was nice to catch up on what we've been up to. I wasn't even aware that hummingbirds made noises, other than the sound of their wings flapping, and two of them were fussing with one another. I guess the one was pretty territorial. I've never had success with my hummingbird feeders, but hers is pretty active. I enjoy sitting on her porch, because it affords me a different view of our neighborhood, and can change my perspective on things. 
I find that a lot of little things play a hefty role in my life. I do not need big changes in my life in order to be happy. Some of the little things I enjoy are going to the movies. It's such a simple task, but it's always been fun to me. It allows me to sit back and enjoy something for a few hours. I get to escape from all of my current problems. I also enjoy sitting outside and looking at the stars. It's amazing how often we take the sky for granted. The sky is full of so much beauty, yet we rarely look up to see what's going on. The other night I was looking at the stars and realized it had been months since I last looked up. It's always there, so we don't think to keep track of it.

I love to read. Reading is a nice escape for me. It gets my mind going and really helps me push through a day. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've gotten lost in reading.


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One of the little things for me is the view out of my window.  It's mostly a wall and the sky over it, but the wall is covered in vines, which have lovely trumpet flowers growing from them.  The flowers attract hummingbirds, and I can hear the whirr of their winds as they fly from flower to flower.  I love watching them hover, dart, and feed, and sometimes a few show up to feast from the flowers.  I've been thinking about getting a hummingbird feeder to attract a few more.  I also see butterflies flapping around.  It gives me a good excuse to get up in the morning because these guys usually like the mid to late morning hours.  My roommate said that she had one who tapped on the glass every morning for almost a month.  I told her that maybe they were out of owls to bring her a letter from Hogwarts and sent a hummingbird instead. ;)
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Sometimes just smiling for no reason makes a big difference. Not only will you trick your own brain, but if you smile at a random stranger, you'll make their day better too. Your days will be filled with more positivity, if you just smile. 

Sometimes doing you hair or make up differently helps you feel better too. Or actually being polite to other people. Everybody appreciates politeness.
The tea station is such a nice idea. My desk is not far from the kitchen but I have no type of coffee station. I hope to someday have a Tassimo, but can't bring myself to be okay with spending a bunch of money on K cup coffee. For how often I drink coffee it is more worth it for me to drink instant. I drink coffee nearly daily, habit but it also relaxes me. Days where I get up and get ready first thing always puts me in a good mood to start. And if there is chores to be done, doing them right away make me happy too. Random jokes, smiles and cuddles with my boyfriend or kitty also help.
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@HappyKoiI was researching hummingbird feeders a while back, and saw some that attach directly to the outside of your window via suction cups. They're clear, so you can see through and watch the birds feeding. I'd love to get that. Actually I should check into it, since that's the only way I could put one on my balcony. Maybe i can find an inexpensive one. The birds would go crazy if I put one on the balcony windows, because 2 of my cats each take one of the windowsills and lie there all day. 

@lexinonymous I just finished a good book that left me feeling happy. I'm going to buy the other two in the set when I get some money, since my library doesn't have them. I read a lot, but it's rare for me to want to actually read the rest of the books in the set, so those would be a worthy investment. 

@WorkAtHomeGal I noticed the other day that since I set up the tea station here in the office, I rarely even use the kettle down in the kitchen. I was constantly going up and down for tea, and although I still go downstairs several times per day, I don't do it nearly as much. One big plus is that when I can't sleep and get up in the middle of the night to make a cup of tea, I don't even have to put on my glasses. I can make my way around up here without them, so that's one less thing to worry about. Maybe you could try to win a Tassimo...I enter sweeps/contests all of the time, in the hopes of winning things I want or need. Even if you win, you don't have to use it every day, or every time you want a cup. Since it can run into money, you could use that for special occasions, until your finances improve. 
I don't know if this is a little thing. For me it isn't but for most people, it is. Show kindness to someone. A stranger. When you can. It will not only make you feel good but odds are this person will probably want to do something good for someone someday. The little things we do for others can mean a lot to them. It could even save someone's life.

There is this story I read about a student who stopped to help another student pick up books he'd dropped. They talked for a while and year later the student who'd dropped the books told the one who helped him that he'd planning to commit suicide that evening. What saved him? The kindness of someone who wasn't even his friend.

Don't look at the little things as "little." In this life it is the little things that actually are most valuable.
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I enter sweeps/contests all of the time, in the hopes of winning things I want or need.
Please, do tell.  Have you ever won anything?  Do you have any favorite sites, or semi-favorites (because I wouldn't want you to give information about your regular go-to's... that is, unless you want to :) )?

Little things that mean a lot to me are listening to music, decorating to make my space feel comfortable, warm and inviting. Cleaning is something that really makes a difference to me.  Cleaning and housekeeping can turn a house into a home, and I really like the change I feel around me when I tidy and freshen things up.  Also, a shower, or a bath could be considered a little thing, but they are huge in terms of the difference they make to me. 

This thread is right up my alley; talks of tea stations, books, hummingbirds, kindness, sweepstakes!  I love your idea for a tea station in your home office.  The idea of a home office thrills me.  Right now I have a home office nook.  Although I love the space, I don't treat it like I should, I need to give that space much more love and attention.  
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I have won some things, but it's been several months, and I'm itching for another win. I've won a little money on lotteries over the years, but nothing to write home about. The most was $1,000, but that was split 4 ways, because co-workers and I would pitch in on 'season' tickets that lasted for half a year or a full year, with a notarized contract about how the winnings would be split. I won a La-Z-Boy recliner, a smart phone, and a few minor gift cards. Oh, a child's bike, a space heater, and also a collection of home products, as well. I typically use Google to find legitimate sites/contests/sweepstakes to enter, and I enter those that appeal to me. Lately, I've been playing Perk Scratch & Win, Perk Pop Quiz and also Lucktastic. So far, I haven't won anything on them, but I'm always hopeful. 
For me the little thing was actually a big thing. I sort of had a realization a few years ago that I don't really need to please anyone in my life and that has relieved me of a lot of pressure and stress in my life. I grew up in a family that didn't really teach me much so I had to figure my own way almost every time and because of this I've grown up just trying to appease my family but now that I'm older I am much more in tune with what is necessary and what is not and I've stopped paying attention to the small things that I previously felt I needed to do to please my friends and relatives which does come with a few disappointments from their side but they should understand that I have a life too. 
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@ChoochooI used to go out of my way to do things for family and friends, and ultimately, I realized that in many cases, I was giving a lot more than I was getting, and many I was going out of my way for didn't appreciate the effort. It's sad when relationships are one-sided or uneven, but it's good to be able to come to that realization and then decide whether you want to keep doing what you've been doing, or move on and focus your energy elsewhere. 

I forgot to mention above that I also won $1000 on a church numbers game. I wish I still had it available, because I'd definitely sign up again. It was $5/week or $60/year, and they'd draw the number weekly. It was a big help when I won that, and I liked knowing that I had a chance every week. I don't consider that throwing away money because I feel having hope and a little fun in my life is well worth the $5 investment. That was quite a while ago, so the pot may have increased by now, but back then, $1,000 was a good chunk of money. 
Well, I would have to say that it is my dogs who make a huge difference in my life. They like to do thier own things and have thier little lives, but even so, they are there for me when I need them to be. They give me love and hugs when I am feeling low. Give me understanding sorry looks when I am crying. If I feel like a lay down in the middle of the day, they follow me about and come and sleep beside me. I couldn't be without them. They really make a difference to my whole life and wellbeing.