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Lip Twitching


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Jul 21, 2020
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Yup. You guessed it. ALS fears. Noticed the twitch few days ago. I thought it was more like a tingle, but this morning I looked in the mirror while it was happening and I saw upper lip moving - like a slight twitch. It's only in one place (upper right side) and now it comes every few minutes for couple seconds and then goes away. Almost like a 2 second spasm. Of course this is not new to me (although it's the first time it's on my face). I've been having this type of anxiety for better part of the last two decades. It was almost inevitable - for the last week I've been concentrating more and more on my body (aches, stiffness, stool color, etc), so maybe I induced it on myself by stressing out, drinking crapload of caffeine (two red bulls and 5 or 6 coffees yesterday). Stressing over work, finances, family. Or it's beginning of the end.


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Sep 11, 2021
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As Winston Churchill once said, 'Is it the beginning of the end? Maybe not, but it can be the end of the beginning'. Anxiety often goes through various stages. It can begin with apprehension or anticipation. It can be triggered by some apparent health issue, real or imaginary. Some domestic problem, like a bereavement or a divorce, anything that brings fear into the picture can do it. Anxiety is always fear based. It has to be. No fear no anxiety. Fear is designed to warn us of danger and is a friend. But when it goes on after the threat has gone then it becomes chronic. I often use the analogy of sheep being chased by a sheepdog. They panic and run. Once the dog has gone they are back to munching grass as if nothing has happened. We don't do that. We hang on to the fear although the danger is past. That is anxiety! The danger in HA is an apparent threat to our health. Once told we are ok physically, then we need to let go. Not easy? Of course it's not, but like acceptance it works given time. Of course, resolving any life problem is important to recovery, and is often essential.


Apr 19, 2023
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I get this alllll the time. In my lips. My eyes, my face, other muscle twitches all over. I’ve had it for years. I’ve accepted that this is probably an anxiety, stress, tiredness related thing.