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limited use of internet and health anxiety at zero.


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Jan 27, 2020
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Hello friends
recently i posted about getting rid of a smart phone and very very limited time or use of internet via a computer
at under 10 minutes of use per day or less and no news.
it seems my health anxiety is gone and my mood is stable
Currently i take nothing.

I honestly believe there to be a strong connection between the explosion of knowledge via smart phones, being connected 24/7.
that has accelerated all forms of anxiety and depression within the western populations.
Personally i believe smart phones should come with a black box warning like cigarettes , prescription drugs do
[May cause anxiety, depressed thoughts and distracted or altered mood]

500 years ago mankind wasn.t worried about what was trending or what people thought about them
their main concern was about survival, farming , raising their children and giving thanks to God
I hope one day society can return to a time of simplicity and minimalist ways.
What was created to bring us closer has done a lot of the opposite.