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Letting go of worry with ha


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Jan 27, 2020
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Hello my friends.
Not sure why or how health anxiety starts to creep up on us?
But recently I have been doing physical therapy for my back and yesterday out of the blue started having a slight urge to urinate.
I started to worry and my wife reminded me my doctor who is a urologist said
This is caused my the nerves in my back and also My primary said he believes this can happen. I was thinking about researching this again glad my wife told me not too.
My back is a bit more sore from yesterdays physical therapy as they had me with someone different this time around.
To make things bad I had the worse dream in a long time.
In my dream I stated seeing blood in my urine and lots of it.
I remember weeping and telling my wife I'm not ready to die.
The mind is a very powerful thing.
Best not to read things that make us feel
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