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Laughter is the best medicine

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There's nothing more relaxing than a bout of belly aching laughter. I have one friend who can make me laugh at almost any time. The only time I won't laugh is when someone's dying or just died, but other than that, this person can say the stupidest things that make me giggle so loudly that the neighbors probably think I've lost my mind. We've been friends for a long time now, and I'm glad I have someone who can do this for me. There are other things that make me laugh as well, and sometimes it's the silliest sentence in a book I'm reading, a show I'm watching, or even just the look on a person's face that can make me laugh. As i'm laughing, i can feel the tension leaving my body. Although sometimes my stomach will hurt from laughing so hard, I don't care, because it's such a freeing feeling to let go of the tension and relax. 

What kind of things make you laugh? Do you have a person or persons in your life that make you laugh? 


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I'm a hard person to make laugh as I have a very dry and dark sense of humor, as in I laugh when no one else does. I also don't find that many comedies funny, and I am a hard person to cheer up. I do think smiling and being happy does help, but you can't fake it, although some people think that it can work. I don't think it can, it has to be a true response otherwise are you just smiling to make it easier for those around you?

Sometimes I make my dad smile because I know what will make him smile, which can be quite cruel things, like me getting my hair trapped in the door. What makes us laugh is so personal, that I am afraid to say what does make me laugh, as people will think I am strange.
Whenever I go to bed really depressed or in a sour mood I will search Youtube and watch either Mr Bean videos the animated and non animated or "Who's Line Is It Anyway" which is quite funny. Or if my boyfriend is watching something on his phone we will snuggle/cuddle and watch and laugh together. I have a pretty good sense of humor I know this but some stuff I laugh at probably isn't funny to others.
It is rightly said the laughter is the best medicine.  I would love to be in company with people with cheerful personality.  We can feel a positive energy vibrating in their presence.  Yes, it is a fact the life is a mix of happiness and sorrow but we can choose to remain happy whenever possible.  Every day put forward two choices in front of us either to remain happy or be in a bad mood.  We are decision makers in our own life. 

I have a friend who can find humor in almost everything and I feel it quite rejuvenating to take things lightly on some occasions.  This is true on occasions when things are out of our control and we can’t actually do anything about it.  The only thing we can do is to remain happy with a clear mind and think of ways to overcome it.

I think it is actually our thought process and actions that lead to our state of mind.  If we spend our time helping the needy nobody can stop us being happy.  There is a joy in giving which can’t be experienced anywhere else.    
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We all having different coping styles, but I like to dwell on my losses and challenges, and then once I've had enough of that, I'll move on and lighten the mood. My friend prefers to ignore the bad things and distract himself with funny things. I definitely appreciate that he can at any time, pull a funny joke out of his head or make a sound that I will find hilarious, but at times I worry that he doesn't allow himself to experience the negative emotions enough. I do think it's good to focus on the positive, but it's not healthy to bottle up or ignore our negative emotions. I have been trying to lighten up a bit, because I tend to get a bit melancholy. I used to enjoy reading the Sunday comics, but I no longer subscribe to the newspaper. I think I might look up some humor sites and subscribe, so I get a daily email reminder to laugh. 


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I love to laugh too. I will laugh at funny sitcom's at night, or people in chat can make me laugh. I do love to have a good time, and places and people that can do that for me, make me want to continue to see them and be there. If you are in a chat room though, you can't be sure that the funny people are going to be there, I am pretty funny too, but it helps to have funny people there to bounce off of.
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I spoke with an old friend for hours yesterday, and although we're both going through very trying times right now, we had a great time laughing about some of our past exploits. It's been a long week with a lot of unusual tasks and chores, so it was just what I needed. We've decided that we need to keep in better touch, so we can support one another emotionally, since we're both lacking some of that in our lives.
i agree to this. Not just by laughter but being happy is the best medicine I think. Not being stressed, not thinking about problems and being happy can be really healthy in my opinion. As well as depression and being sad all the time can make a person ill inside out as well.
I am a big fan of horror movies and it's like an addiction to me.  But to be frank these movies are not doing any good to me and I feel tensed when I am alone especially in the dark.  But quite recently based on the recommendation of one of my friends in another forum I watched the movie called "Central Intelligence".  I was seeing such a comedy movie after long gap of say one year and I felt really good as I laughed out a lot; uncontrollably indeed.  I felt great after seeing that movie in fact. 

I think I was indirectly educating my brain to be negative and scared by exposing myself to horror type of movies.  Now I am searching for all comedy movies and planning to see all movies of Mr.Bean once again...lol.  There is no doubt that laughter is the medicine.
True. This is why I always watch funny films and TV shows. Good thing about laughing is that your body releases happy hormones which help in relieving pain, curing illness, and recovery. Studies said that happy people live longer than pessimists. 
My father makes me laugh a lot no matter what the situation that doesn't have to do with death. It helps you forget your problems for a while. This is one of the reasons I can't get along with cold people that can't take a joke or don't like socializing in general.

My preferred kind of ambiance is one where everyone can make fun of themselves and everyone can make fun of anyone without going beyond the limits. I just want a laid-back hangout sometimes but that's difficult to have.


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Certain family members make me laugh. We "get" each other, so it is easy for them to know what makes me laugh, and then to 'go' there.
Other than my family's shenanigans, all kinds of things make me laugh, from things that people would consider normal, to other off-beat types of things.

Sometimes I might laugh at things that other people might find it inappropriate to laugh about, but hey, people have different reactions to certain things. I laugh all the time. I feel thankful for having the type of sense of humor that makes me able to laugh at the drop of a hat. It is rare that I go a day without cracking up about something.
:smug:I believe laughter is the best medicine, you know what they say "a laugh a day keeps the blues away." I have one friend that's always jolly and anything they say seems to be humorous, it's their personality that draws you in and brightens your day. I think if you surround yourself with funny, uplifting, positive people it truly changes the way you feel. :smug:
I wish I know someone who's naturally funny and have time to cheer people up. Truth is, everyone around me seems to be too focused on making money and working for their family. Everyone, except for kids. That is why I love being with children, specially with my own child. They're so natural and unaffected and I feel renewed and refreshed after spending time with them. Next to children, my pets really make me laugh with their antics. I don't know how my cats learned to play hide and seek, but that's exactly what they're doing to play and entertain themselves. Sometimes, they'd act like they were wrestlers in WWE. Weird batch. Thanks to them, I've lightened up and learned to see life differently.