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Just not doing great


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Dec 24, 2020
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I made the mistake of looking at the news today. It's just bad news all around. Covid, the environment, political stuff. It's 5am and I havent slept yet as a result.
The past few days, my health anxiety has been spiking. Once I feel one worry is resolved, another pops up.
At the same time, I feel like as much as I miss humanity, somehow, being locked in my house has made my anxiety feel less urgent.
I find that when I am having health anxiety now, it's more about "if this turns into an emergency at some point, I have to go to the hospital where there are covid patients." Rather than how it was in the past which was me thinking I was actually IN an emergency and about to die any second when I was having anxiety about my health.
I'm very worried about the future. I'm worried that maybe things will never be back to where we can be around friends and family and others like we used to.
Any words of wisdom, advice, letting me know how you're doing too, etc would be appreciated.


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Aug 26, 2020
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Well I can relate, as I have my own generally anxious thoughts that I play over and over in my head, not necessarily health related. But health anxiety sure doesn't help.
I am reading a lot about observing thoughts lately, and mindfulness. It's absolutely very hard to practice but I think once we will be able to 'just' observe the thoughts that come to our minds and stop giving a meaning to then (reacting to them with an emotion and further thoughts) and let them just pass by, then we will find peace.
Extremely hard to do when the thoughts come suddenly and you get caught by them :/