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Apr 24, 2019
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I often have insomnia a couple of days a week. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and that's why I've had it tonight. Woke up after 3 hours, got nervous about the appointment and nervous about the problem I'm being seen for, then felt wide awake, then my partner was grinding his teeth, snoring and rolling onto my leg, then I worried about the sun rising and the noise my partner inevitably makes when he wakes up and opens and closes the door to leave. I made an early doctors appointment and I know I could only get a few more hours of sleep if I could even sleep. I don't see a point at this rate and feel wide awake from worrying. The insomnia cycle is so upsetting.


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Apr 14, 2019
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If you think too much about sleep, you won't actually go asleep. You will be wide awake. That is how it all works. People who try a force sleep end up getting none at all. I have a radio on low each night. Plus my medication. That helps knock me out. But we all need time to unwind after a long day. So if I want to sleep at 10.30pm, I will be in bed by 9.30pm. Just relaxing. Listening to the radio. Unwinding. The radio is my distraction. Works just fine. So less thinking about sleep before bed or when in bed. Try to let that mind switch off.