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in a rut ? im here


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Aug 5, 2020
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hey guys,
i thought i just come on here as i have some inspirational quotes to share with you!

People with suicidal thoughts: PLEASE DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE!!!! PLEASE READ THIS. i know how it can feel when the pain is too much and you feel like there is nothing else that you can do to save yourself but just hold on BC it will get better nothing lasts forever and suicide is permanent problem to a temporary situation. on rare situations people make it out alive. the stories that i have heard is that the second you jump off you have instant regret knowing you cant take it back! please reach out to friends a therapist. try and think about what life will be like for you loved ones when you get and you mum, dd, brother, sister, pets see you the next day and how many opportunities you've missed and the people you haven't met you are waiting to love you. PLEASE YOU'VE GOT THIS!!! :) . please if you know anyone please send this message to them!!!!!!

"i don't know how long i am here for, i'm just getting to make the best of it"!. "life is beautiful!!! with so many great people

"its your life and nobody else. you live it the way you want"

" always have vision of doing something then you will most likely achieve it"

" nobody is stopping you from doing the things you want to do. the only person stopping you is you"

" sometimes the right decision is the one that you dont like"

"when choosing between 2 things. thing about what is the thing that is most important". eg: watching tv or playing the piano. i would do the piano as it leads me more to words my goal of being able to play the piano.

" the only one that can pull you out of that dark whole is you". other people can encourage you but at the end of the day, you are responsible for u

" always think positive an look for the good in life!". life is the great give that anyone could have

"live a life that you want to remember"

" if your tired of doing an activity, stop and move on to the next one"

" do what i comfortable for you in the moment"

" go with what you r heart/gut is telling you"

" at the end of the day you should have no regrets"

"Sometime God leads us to decisions we don't like but they make us grow stronger"

"Work hard and you ll see results"

"believe you can do it and you will work harder which reduces mistakes " ( not sure if that made sense) but just believe in yourself which is the most important thing

" always be very specific with your communication. people dont always know what you are trying to say to them"

" hug your pets when you feel sad"

love you all stay safe and remember you got this!!!