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I think my friend needs help

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I honestly don’t know what to do...one of my friends has had depression/axiety pretty much as long as I’ve known her and her parents do not support her at all...she tried telling her mom over txt that she has extremely bad axiety and is having panic attacks all the time...her mom basically responded by telling her she needs to stop it and get over it and that the school would know if she had actual panick attacks cause they are obvious....my friend is getting no help aside from friends comforting her and listening....her parents are suuupur supportive of her little sisters axiety but they don’t care about hers...she has to buy her own food and clothes....her dad controls their entire family (not in a good way)....my friend has verbally told me before that she wants to get out of that house and go to foster care of some sort...but she doesn’t want to do that anymore....my friend believes that talking to a school counselor will not help...she thinks that they will tell her parents and she will get in trouble...she doesn’t think her school counselors will be able to do anything....I really think my friend should talk to someone in the school...I want to encourage her to do that but I don’t want to push her away....I care a lot about her but idk how to help...or even if her talking to the school would help...any advice?
It sounds like she may have a ferret allergy.

One of the hardest things about anxiety or depression is that VERY few people are sympathetic to it if they haven't experienced it themselves. You seem like a good friend and a rare exception. It is utterly debilitating and talking to someone similarly afflicted can be a great relief.
A good first step in that direction might be showing her this forum. There are so many stories here from people who also have these unfair burdens to bear. I remember when I first found other people talking about anxiety on YouTube I was amazed that other people were going through the same things. I felt less alone and greatly relieved. It really helped me.

It's interesting, one of the traits that people going through anxiety share (sometimes) is fear of loss of control.
If she is from a controlling household that could be part of her explanation.


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You can tell her, that the school counsellors are held to the same standard like doctors. They can’t just go to the parents and inform them without consent. She certainly needs someone to talk to. To have an outlet, plus to help her deal with the anxiety. Parents have a hard time accepting that a child has mental health problems. They don’t want to hear or know.
She could also go to a doctor and tell them what is going on.