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I recommend an app called Stigma

Discussion in 'Tips' started by rootle, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. rootle

    rootle Junior Member

    I recently found this app while searching for a journal app. This is like a journal except you write small entries and share it to the app community anonymously. It's sort of intended for people going through a hard time. They have a feature where you can have penpals anonymously and can talk to your penpals about your issues. Their staff are very communicative and supportive as well.
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  2. It'sJaz

    It'sJaz Junior Member

    Sounds interesting, I might check that out. I have used some similar apps in the past with a chat feature but chatting with others in real-time tends to stress me out so I stopped using them. Not sure if I can adapt to the whole community thing as I don't usually say what I'm going through, but thanks for sharing. I'll keep it in mind.
  3. rootle

    rootle Junior Member

    Remember that it's completely anonymous though. Even your real time chats are totally anonymous. So you can say whatever you like, even if it's offensive no one can actually abuse you. It's a good way to help learn to be calm in conversation I guess, it can help you overcome your problems.
  4. It'sJaz

    It'sJaz Junior Member

    True, it still stresses me out chatting with others though. But you're right, maybe it takes time and practice.
  5. kelden

    kelden Junior Member

    I've exchanged penpals with people. Is really great for people with social anxiety issues, there is not rush in answering the other person like a real time chat, and even you can send them "snail mails" through postal service. I recommend the experience, you can shake a nice friendship with some people out there, regardless where they are.
  6. rootle

    rootle Junior Member

    Yeah I've never had a penpal really but I can see it being a good idea for introverted people and people who suffer from anxiety. Often it can be difficult to find friends you can connect with in your everyday life. Having a penpal online can help you connect with someone like you from anywhere in the world, and that can really help you get through your life.
  7. aimeepoo

    aimeepoo Junior Member

    Will definitely have to check this out. Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoy learning about new apps..the anonymity of this makes it a lot more interesting too.
  8. bkhl

    bkhl Junior Member

    Oh! I'm so going to download this! The App store needs something like this. having all those games that take up so much space and do nothing for one's well being. It's a good idea for people having hard times because writing seriously heals. though i must say that there's nothing that feels better than writing on a piece of paper.
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  9. kgord

    kgord Junior Member

    That sounds like an interesting app. I will have to check it out. I like the anonyomous feature actually. I am sometimes reluctant to share with people I know because I don't trust them not to tell others. If someone doesn't have my information there is no way that they could. I think it sounds like an awesome idea actually. However, I would have to clear some space on my screen as there is not a lot of space available. However, to have a great app like this, I could make some.
  10. Ashley0323

    Ashley0323 Junior Member

    This caught my attention. Seems like a very cool concept. I am in the process of downloading it now. Do you find it really helped you when you needed it?
  11. rootle

    rootle Junior Member

    I'm glad so many of you guys think this app seems like a good idea. Yeah when I found it, I knew it was something special though not necessarily the best thing for me. The things being posted on that app and the things being posted here are similar in their tone and content, so I had a felling you guys here would like it.
  12. rootle

    rootle Junior Member

    Well to be honest I don't know if I really needed it at all. I just like the idea of having anonymous penpals more than anything. In a way it has helped, I don't normally share my emotions with anyone so it's an interesting experience. Time will tell if that aspect of it has helped. Unfortunately I've been unable to really make a strong friendship with anyone on that app. I'm not going to give up just yet though.
  13. Ashley0323

    Ashley0323 Junior Member

    I have decided to actually check this app out. I actually enjoy it. I find that it does help, as I feel like I can get those weights lifted off of me, as if I am talking to someone, not just entering it on an app. I have since, recommended it to three other people.
  14. rootle

    rootle Junior Member

    That's awesome. Yeah I feel like the developers really work hard for it and I want it to be a success, so it's great that you recommended it to people. Yeah I know what you mean by the weights lifting off of you. Just typing things down makes you feel better about them. And seeing all the other stuff that people go through is reassuring because you're not the only one suffering.
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  15. Ashley0323

    Ashley0323 Junior Member

    Anyone else finding this app helpful? I am so into it. I feel as if I am able to vent, without receiving any negative feedback from people who just do not understand what I go through on a daily basis. I love reading others stories as well, and I would love to offer support if needed.
  16. Azelma

    Azelma Junior Member

    This sounds like a great app, but is it for iOS only? I can't find it in the Google Play StoreĀ  :(

    Too bad, it sounds exactly like something I'd want to do - talk about my problems, but anonymously and in very small increments, plus whenever the need hits and your therapist isn't there. Well, let's hope it'll arrive on Android too eventually (unless it already has and I missed something).
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  17. rootle

    rootle Junior Member

    Yeah I am definitely finding it helpful. I really have a poor social life so having penpals seriously helps me feel much better when I'm in a bad mood or something. And yeah I just generally like meeting people online and all that so it's really great in general.
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  18. listener1987

    listener1987 Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing this helpful tip! I wonder why it is called Stigma? Is it because being open and talking about mental illness reduces the stigma surrounding it?

    I have to say - at least here in the US, I have found tremendous acceptance speaking with almost anyone about my experience with mental illness. Half the time, the people I tell have experienced their own mental illness but were afraid to talk about it for that very reason!

    If someone feels like they can't tell a friend, they should definitely take the risk and tell a stranger in the same boat by using an app or website. Once people realize there are others going through the same trials, they gain courage to speak to others!
  19. rootle

    rootle Junior Member

    Well I'm guessing it has more to it than just mental illnesses. I guess it just refers to being able to talk about anything that has a stigma associated with it in real life. For example homosexuals who live in societies that don't support their lifestyles can use the app to share their feelings. Same goes for anything else I guess. The anonymity of it helps people talk about thinks that are stigmatized. Just being able to talk freely about thing that are suppressed can make you feel better.
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  20. rz3300a

    rz3300a Junior Member

    Well this really looks like something that would be right up my alley, so thank you for sharing this. It does seem like a little pen pal app, now that some other users mention it. That takes me back a little bit, and I used to have two or three pen pals when I was a kid, and it would be nice to get a little piece of that back. I can certainly see the value, though, and it would help me when I am going through some particularly tough times. It always helps to vent and get it out, which I could do well here. Good stuff, and thanks again for sharing.

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