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I made a tool for myself that helps anxiety attacks, looking for some outside feedback!


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May 25, 2023
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- I made a wearable bracelet reference chart of anxiety reduction techniques and mindsets that I can quickly refer to when I'm having challenging moments because it was hard to think clearly when I was having anxiety attacks. It helps me a lot.
- Showed it to others with similar struggles and the response has been very positive. Looking for more feedback.
- Photos below, info sheet explaining the techniques the symbols refer to attached.

So long story short, Im a 32 year old male who has struggled with social anxiety and GAD all my life but in the past 4-5 years I began having severe anxiety attacks that were affecting my employment and personal relationships.

I attended therapy sessions for a few years to deal with this and it made minor improvements. Mostly it equipped me with knowledge, tools and methods on how to reduce an anxiety attack when it starts to happen. This was all powerful great information, except... during my anxiety attacks it was very hard to think clearly enough to remember and execute all of these different anxiety reduction techniques I had learned. My brain just freezes, except for ruminating over bad thoughts.

I would even find it challenging to open my phone to search for help during my anxiety attacks.

SO! I initially made a bracelet for myself to wear which had symbols on the bracelet, each symbol corresponded with an Anxiety/Panic reduction technique or mindset that I had learned and could then easily recall and start to apply. Basically, I made a wearable cheat sheet for myself referencing the anxiety reduction techniques that were most helpful to me. Everything is super hard for me when I have anxiety, so I made it as easy as possible to access the information I want, i just look at my wrist.

I showed the idea to some of my friends who have similar struggles as me and they loved the idea, asking me to make them one. So i did it a step better and asked them for their most effective anxiety reduction techniques, and then made a bracelet with 8 total techniques referenced on it for me and my friends, to help guide us through our anxiety filled moments. Initially the bracelets where just beads but i upgraded them to a more stylish silver band which i felt was more fashionable and gave to them as a gift.

The initial feedback has been really strong from the people i have provided them too and Im wondering if this tool might seem useful to anyone else! Let me know what you think!

Oh i also cheesily named it the Gudmind bracelet, which is a play on my last name, but also explains that its supposed to help get you back to a good mind :)

I attached a reference sheet explaining the techniques that are referenced around the bracelet. Looking for feedback!