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I found the weirdest solution to anxiety


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Dec 10, 2017
Firstly, I'm aware this is not a permanent fix. But desperate time calls for desperate measure.
I'm unsure if everyone can do this, but remember when you had those imaginary friends, as a kid? Now, hear me out-- Have you ever had this "voice" (not audible) in your head comforting you when you are having a bad day? It would say something along the line of "Yeah I know, it's awful. I can't believe that happened, you must feel horrible, yeah?"
So I realized I have channeled this inner voice into an "imaginary friend". And you know sometimes when you work on hobbies or just general stuff, you have this voice in your head to give you advice or directions? I made that an imaginary friend too.
So, in a nutshell, I put two of my inner voices into personas. And it has worked surprisingly well.
The "comforting" inner voice acts as a mentor, that tells me what chores I should really do, and reassures me with rational thoughts.
The creative part helps me through projects and gives me ideas, like a work buddy.
I am aware that they are not real, and in fact the "mentoring" friend is very supportive and tells me I have done a good job reassuring myself, since she is part of me too.
It is surprisingly to see this has been the most productive time I have been in a very long while, and I am even in a very stressful situation right now.
Having them makes me, personally, feel like I'm not alone. And it feels great to have someone (even if it is technically me) advice me on what to do, and give me pep talks.
They never give me dangerous or negative ideas.
I have always had a wild imagination, so this is an excellent outlet in my experience.
Let me know your opinion on this.
Sep 21, 2018
..And it feels great to have someone (even if it is technically me)..
Let me know your opinion on this.
It's good to hear you're experiencing a helpful treatment.. I think bcuz anxiety is a subjective condition, it does require different, unique treatments for each individual..
I'm a big believer in the benefit of inner dialog. And who knows, maybe it's not just you talking to yourself. It could also be a caring God hearing prayer & providing you guidance ("mentoring") & an inner peace.


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Aug 7, 2018
Hi Kelculator. Whatever helps our mental disorders should be applauded. Thusfar my imaginary thinking has only created more anxiety. It's just great that you've been able to channel your thinking in such a creative and productive way.
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