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I dread this day.. I’m sick of this


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Jun 12, 2019
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Not sure how to even organize my thoughts:/....but basically, I hate fathers day because my dad has never really been a “father” to me for a good number of years but freaks out if I don’t acknowledge it. He used to be my best friend but broke my trust and lost my respect a long time ago. He has helped me out with money when i needed it but only after my grandmother ( his mother) convinced him to.... he basically chose a new family ( i had never met) over me and the ultimatum was for me to either accept it or leave him alone.( yes he actually said if I can’t accept it to leave him alone). Which I did. But i have tried to speak to him , even though he wronged me... and i just got tired of trying as he gets defensive, and i got sick of being blamed and called names. Come to find out hes also playing the victim to the rest of the family and they all look at me weird if i come around or tell me how much of a stranger i am instead of hearing my side of the story. He doesn’t ask me how work is going, my health ( which i have some health issues), doesn’t ask about school ( even though hes one of the few people i told i went back to school), doesn’t ask about my day, never asked about going for lunch, or being involved in any of my hobbies, yet expects me to come around for his gf’s family events. I have not been to his home in nearly 8years. Well it should be simple to say , if he isn’t a father , dont wish him happy fathersday. But he will go off and blow up my phone and bad mouth me to family members I’m close to, basically a bunch of drama I don’t want to deal with. But I can’t stand the bs. Lying, and saying things i dont mean. I really don’t think our relationship can be repaired unless he gets professional help and can acknowledge my pain..... but i doubt he ever will, and it’s sad that not even his own child can convince him to better himself... i just dread having to send that text every year and this may be the first year I finally don’t...

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