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I have struggled with depression for just about most of my life. I also have some anxiety, adhd and fibromyalgia. I take meds that seem to help. I tried traditional talk therapy for a couple of years in the past. It seemed to help me a little. But really not much at all.

I started seeing my hypnotherapist toward the end of 2015. I tend to see him normally, twice a month every other week or sometimes a bit more often. Though usually only once a week max. When I first started to go I was uncertain if it would work. I noticed some changes happening in my thoughts and behaviors right away. In my experience I am fully awake and conscious about what is going on. But with hypnotherapy it is suppose to reach your subconscious and has a deeper effect on both your thoughts and behaviors.

After going for 4 or 5 months or so, I noticed that my mood dramatically improved. For the first time in my life I felt moments of true happiness. Something I can honestly say I haven't experienced before. I am still going to hypnotherapy and continuing to improve and change my mood. I have a ways to go but it seems to be successful for me thus far.


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I have always been curious about hypnotherapy. Usually I am the type of person who write something like this off right away and think that it would never work, but in my situation I am at the point where I am willing to try anything, and I really do believe that things like this can help some people. That said, I do not think it would work for everyone, so I would really have to try it for myself to see. I might just consider it, too, and thanks for sharing.


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I have always been curious about how hypnotherapy works. If it is okay with you, would you mind sharing more details on your therapy session over there? How does it start? Do you actually fall into a sleep during the session? Or do you sit on a chair, and the therapist sat in front of you and started having a talk with you? Or do you lay down on a therapy couch and answer whatever the therapist asked you? Are you instructed to close your eyes? Does the therapist play any music during your therapy session? Also do the therapist gave you any medicine or pills?

I am glad that the hypnotherapy works well on you, and you finally grab hold of moments of inner peace and happiness. May your life continue to be a happy one.
Hi sadiemarie! :) Thank you so much for sharing about your hypnotherapy experience with us. I have been hearing about it before and I have also seen how it is done on shows that I watch but I have never really tried it yet. I do hear a lot of success stories about it and I'm happy to hear you're one of the people who are benefiting from this kind of therapy.
I also have to admit that when it comes to these forms of treatment that I am also a little sceptical. that's only because I have never used it though, and I think that's the case with a lot of people. Hypnotherapy treatment is still relatively new and with most new things then it's going to take a while to get established. The more people use these so called alternative methods of treatment, the more they are going to be accepted but at the same time I do think that the traditional ways are always still important and people need to look at all the options before deciding what's the best course of treatment for them.


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I never heard of hypnosis being used as a treatment for depression. I suppose it could have a positive effect though. Many people suffer from depression, and there are several different types of depression. I don't think there is a one size fits all treatment method for everyone. I think some depression treatments may work in some cases and not others. I would say if it something you find relief from you should go for it.

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Most people have never heard of hypnotherapy which is why they've never tried it. I've heard that it's one of the best ways to overcome or even cure depression, anxiety and PTSD. When trying to locate a hypnotherapist find out all you can about them first paying special attention to how long they've been working as hypnotherapists because novice hypnotherapists aren't that good at what they do.


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We talked about it in some of my psych classes. From my own experience, it seems like guided, therapeutic meditation. Meditation is great for calming and getting your mind to quiet, and it also puts it in a state where your nonverbal mind (which houses a lot of your emotions and past trauma) is receptive. I'm glad this is working out so well for you.
Hi. I'm actually interested in Hypnotherapy but I was told that if you undergo this therapy you'd be very receptive to suggestions. How was your experience talking to people or asking suggestions? The reason why I'm asking is because I'm afraid of people taking advantage of me since I'm under hypnosis. I'm not really sure how this really works, so I kind of needed some inputs. The reason why I want to try this is because I have a difficulties talking to people with authority for some reason.