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  1. Shoozer

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    I have suffered from generalized anxiety for over 20 years. Most recently it has manifested as chronic hyperventilation. It feels kind of like a toned down, drawn out panic attack but not as severe. Nevertheless, it is very uncomfortable and tiring. It seems to come on for a couple weeks at a time. Has anyone else dealt with this? I would be interested to hear about your experience. Thanks.

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  3. janemariesayed

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    Hiya @Shoozer

    I find the best way to calm the body down when having an anxiety attack is to take a deep breath. Hold it in and let it out slowly. It really does work. It won't stop attacks from coming, but it will calm down the one you are in at that moment.
  4. Kelculator

    Kelculator Active Member

    Try to be patient with yourself, and connect with your emotions whenever you feel anxious. Distractions work sometimes, pep talks, self-help videos... You are not alone. There are many methods for you to get through this, and we are here for you. I know how dreadful it can be, I had this about a year ago, and I was just driven crazy. It gets better. Welcome to the community!

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